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Do I need to be IWE (International Welding Engineer) qualified to be a RWC?

Do I need to be IWE (International Welding Engineer) qualified to be a RWC?

There is no actual qualification for personnel responsible for welding coordination, they will occupy a role within a company and during an assessment for certification to ISO 3834, EN 15085 or EN 1090, will be assessed for their competence to carry out their allocated responsibilities within that particular company.  Responsible Welding Coordinator is not a portable title.

The International Institute of Welding (IIW) and European Federation for Welding, Joining and Cutting (EWF) diplomas (I/EWE, I/EWT and I/EWS) have been accepted as satisfying the specific knowledge requirements for Responsible Welding Coordinators.

National qualifications that may be considered to demonstrate knowledge include the Cranfield University MSc in Welding Engineering, the TWI Diplomas in Welding and the TWI/OU Foundation Degree in Materials Fabrication and Engineering.  Other welding and fabrication qualifications can also be relevant to the assessment.

The Welding Institute’s professional membership classes of MWeldI and TechWeldI can also be used to verify qualifications and experience, and establish the level of your knowledge of welding.
Remember that knowledge is only one part of competence assessment and a qualification does not guarantee that you will be considered competent. Before committing to any additional training or education, it is important to have your existing qualifications reviewed against the responsibilities you are expected to take on.

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