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Resource: Welding Coordination Organisation spreadsheet

Resource: Welding Coordination Organisation spreadsheet

Click Here for the Welding Coordination Organisation Spreadsheet

This spreadsheet has been set out to guide you through identifying which member of your organisation fulfils the essential tasks for welding coordination. Not all of the tasks listed will be appropriate to your welded production but all those that are should be undertaken by at least one individual who is competent for the task and has been delegated the responsibility and authority to undertake the task.

You should have an organisation chart that shows how the responsibility and authority is given to each welding coordinator that has been made responsible for one or more tasks in the matrix.

You need to determine the required level of knowledge, skills and experience that are required for each welding coordinator to enable you to authorise them to undertake their allocated tasks. Further guidance is given in the FAQs on Responsible Welding Coordinator. The evidence of knowledge (qualifications), skills (training and/or certification) and experience (CV and/or log book record entries) should be listed in the table against each welding coordinator.

Where the spreadsheet helps you to identify gaps in your welding coordination organisation or shortfalls in your welding coordinator competences, you need to take appropriate action to ensure that those tasks are delivered by competent personnel with the authority to deliver them.

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