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Factory Production Control
What essential areas are covered during the audit?

What essential areas are covered during the audit?

The following areas are covered:

1    Review of requirements
2    Technical review
3    Sub-contracting
4    Welders and welding operators
5    Welding coordination personnel
6    Inspection and testing personnel
7    Production and testing equipment
8    Equipment maintenance
9    Description of equipment
10  Production planning
11  Welding Procedure Specifications
12  Qualification of the welding procedure
13  Batch testing of consumables (if required)
14  Storage and handling of welding consumables
15  Storage of parent materials
16  PWHT
17  Inspection and testing before, during and after welding
18  Non conformances and corrective actions
19  Calibration or validation of measure, inspection and testing equipment
20  Identification during process
21  Traceability
22  Quality records

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