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Factory Production Control
Partnership formed between TWI Certification Ltd and AAA Certification AB (A3CERT) for EN 1090-1 FPC Certification

Partnership formed between TWI Certification Ltd and AAA Certification AB (A3CERT) for EN 1090-1 FPC Certification

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On 15th December 2020 TWI CL partnered up with AAA Certification AB (A3CERT) to support customer export requirements for Europe. A3CERT is a EU27 Notified Body, approval number 2296.

This corporation of Certification Bodies expands the outreach of affordable certification for our customers, with the added benefit of having two Certification Bodies at your disposal.

On the 1st January 2021, TWI Certification Ltd (TWI CL) has been granted a new UK 'Approved Body' status operating under the UK Statutory Instrument (SI) No. 1359. 

Customers working within country, or exporting into the UK

The only change that will affect TWI CL customers for the UK Market will include the introduction of the UKCA marking and a system of third-party conformity assessment by UK-recognised Approval Bodies, in place of the current EU system for Notified Bodies.

All existing harmonised standards will become UK 'designated standards'.

Where a UK Notified Body (which now has become a UK Approved Body) had carried out tasks or issued certification in relation to the Assessment and Verification of Performance (AVCP) for a product before 1 January 2021, then those tasks and/or that certification may be used to support affixing of the UK marking if the product is placed on the GB market after 1 January 2021.

TWI CL will issue new UK FPC Certificates to all our customers free of charge at the beginning of 2021.

Customers Exporting into Europe and transferring their EU FPC certificates to A3CERT

Customers will have the option to hold both the UK Factory Production Control certification with TWI CL and the EU Factory Production Control certification with A3CERT for no extra cost in 2020 with the transfer and sharing of information with A3CERT. 

The Partnership from 1 January 2021 will enable customers to reap the benefits of two Certification Bodies; all assessments will continue to be conducted to be conducted by your Certification Body but under the evaluation of both Certification Bodies.

A small yearly fee will be charged to the customer by A3CERT to cover their costs (£350, 2021) and the same for TWI CL, will charge A3CERT customers requiring UKCA marking (the same fee).

For more Information, please contact companycertification@twi.co.uk or call (01223) 899398